In the last two decades, lean management has become a popular new way of doing business. Notions like "lean" and its many different visions - from Lean Startup to Six Sigma - are essential to remember that all these ideas have one thing in common: operational excellence with tools designed by experts who can help businesses optimize their performance. We present OPEX, a philosophy that offers you insights into every aspect of your company's operations through an enhanced suite of services and profound analysis of your complete processes. This offering provides opportunities for companies looking toward efficiency and innovation.Our team will remove all the unnecessary tasks and builds up on work. OPEX has been developed to help all types of entities find solutions that benefit productivity, basically because they are not focusing on the right approach. ENGIPARETNERS will develop new ways around solving issues using production line methods with unique perspective practices. As a result, we can increase profit margins and decrease production timeframe while maintaining quality. ENGIPARETNERS offers an insightful way to assess your company's needs and develop strategies for improvement based on what you are looking for: competitiveness & productivity.